How To Turn A Broken Chain Into A 'Permanent' Necklace

Posted on: 6 April 2015

The one place that chain necklaces tend to break the most is at the clasp. While you can easily get a new clasp from a jewelry repair shop, there is another option. When a clasp breaks, you risk losing your necklace. Keep your precious necklace safe by making a "permanent" necklace that remains on your neck at all times.

This idea is perfect for someone that has an extra special pendant they want to protect. Ideas include:

  • Engagement ring or wedding bands
  • Photo locket
  • Urn pendant
  • Memorial diamond made from ashes
  • High quality gemstone

What You Need:

  • Chain necklace
  • Jump ring
  • 2 pairs needle nose pliers
  • Marker
  • Helper

Shorten the Chain

  1. Place the chain around your neck with the open ends behind your neck. Make sure the ends are even.
  2. Move up along the links of the chain until it is small enough around your neck that you can't pull it up over your head.
  3. Mark the links where the chain will end with a marker.
  4. Remove the links up to the mark. Hold one side of the link with one of the needle nosed pliers. Hold the other side with the other pair. Make sure the small crack on the link is facing up. Twist the pliers in opposite directions (one towards you and one away from you) until the link opens. Remove the link and repeat with the rest of the links that you need to remove.

Add Jump Ring

  1. Open one of the jump rings the same way you opened the links using the needle nosed pliers.
  2. Place the chain around your neck.
  3. Have your helper slip the open jump ring through one of the links at the end of the chain. Then have them slip the other link over the jump ring.
  4. Have your helper use the needle nosed pliers to close the jump ring. Hold each end of the jump ring with the needle nosed pliers and twist until the jump ring closes.


  • Only use a chain that has links with rounded edges or else they will cut into your skin while you sleep.
  • Choose a chain that is made of high quality metal, such as gold, sterling silver, or platinum. This will prevent any coloring of the skin and the metal will last through all your showers without rusting.
  • Chains with tiny links are difficult to open. Choose a chain with larger links for easy opening.
  • To remove the necklace, simply have your helper open the jump ring with needle nose pliers.