How To Use Simple Jewelry Pieces To Accent Your Outfits

Posted on: 6 April 2015

When you want to accent your outfits, you have a few options when it comes to jewelry. For most outfits, you can choose simple yet elegant pieces that will enhance any clothing you wear. The hardest part is choosing a few pieces that best reflect your personal style.


Gold and silver chains are great pieces when you want simple jewelry for any outfit. Both color schemes work with most outfits, even ones with patterns. Generally, the color schemes will not clash with any other color you are wearing.

Your first option is to choose one chain that has thicker links. In many cases, the single chain will accent your clothing, but it will not overshadow the final look you are trying to achieve.

When you want a piece of jewelry that you can use multiple ways, you can pick a longer thin chain. With this type of chain, you can wrap it around your neck a few times to create a layered look. Another option is to wrap the same chain around your wrist to create a unique bracelet.

When you like the layered look but want a more creative option, you can choose to wear multiple chains in different lengths. To enhance the look further, you can make one chain silver and the other gold, which gives you a more elegant appearance. Using multiple chains is a great way to accent simple clothing such as a short black spaghetti strapped dress.


Brooches used to be very popular jewelry pieces, but in many areas, they have fallen out of favor. The biggest issue is that most people do not know what else they can do with a brooch besides pinning it to their clothing. Even though this is the classic style for a brooch, you can wear these pieces in a number of different ways.

One option with any sized brooch is to pin it to a piece of cloth or leather that has a clasp. To create a necklace, you will need a piece of cloth that fits around your neck. The clasp can be a button or hook that you can find in most craft stores. You can also make a wristband the same way by shortening the piece of cloth.

Another decorative way to wear brooch is to use it as the clasp for a scarf. For example, you can choose a long scarf, then wrap it around your neck or waist and then use the brooch to secure it.

When you want to accentuate your clothing, it is best to look through all of your options. In many cases, you can find simple pieces such as a chain or brooch to help complete the look of any outfit you wear. Contact Touch Of Gold Fine Jewelry for more information.