4 Ways Middle School Teachers Can Use Classic Coins With Students

Posted on: 3 June 2015

Ancient coins may not be worth any value at the supermarket, but they can possess great value for collectors, museums, and even in the middle school classroom. If you're a teacher of middle school students, there are multiple ways to implement the coins in the classroom. A variety of coin dealers online can supply you with coins that can be used in four different ways. Browse through the variety of methods to determine if any of them are an option for your classroom.

Geography Lessons

The coins that you purchase online do not just have an old value attached to them. They come with a rich history from all around the world. When shopping for coins, you have the opportunity to purchase bulk quantities. These coins can be distributed to students for a variety of geography lessons.

When using the coin, students can determine the location where the coin came from and some history of the land. For example, you may get coins from East Germany. Students can learn when East Germany formed and when it moved back into the land just known as Germany today.

History Projects

Many ancient coins feature prominent figures from the past. These coins make a great starting point for an investigative history project. Middle school students can look up the person on the coin, find out their place on history, and track how the person was chosen in the first place.

Using the coins as a starting point is a great way to pique interest and build excitement for the child. They are literally holding a piece of history in their hands.

Class Rewards

Point and reward systems help children earn things for getting homework done, doing extra credit, and staying on task. Along with books and school supplies, ancient coins make another great reward option. The value that you place on the coin depends on it's age and original purchase value. If you have a lot of low-value coins, then you can put them together as part of a reward package.

Art Classes

Coin designs are truly a work of art. Along with detailed portraits of leaders, coins often feature intricate designs of buildings, land, and other symbols. These coins can become a part of a great art project for children. One option is to use the coins as inspiration for their own coin design. Children can also make a collage of ancient coins by recreating them with materials like colored pencils and markers.

Work with other teachers in the school to help brainstorm ideas and implement them for the students.