How To Easily Fix A Broken Bracelet Clasp

Posted on: 19 May 2016

If the clasp on bracelet recently broke off, you can easily fix the clasp and get your bracelet back in working order with a few simple tools and a little bit of free time.  


In order to see what you are working on clearly, it would be helpful to have a magnifying glass so you can more easily see the tiny parts you are working with. You can also use the reading glasses you can pick up over-the-counter at your local pharmacy or drug store as magnifying glasses for this project as well.

You will also need two pairs of flat-nose pliers, which you can pick up at your local craft store or home improvement store.

For the bracelet itself, you will need to purchase a new clasp as well as a jump ring if that is broken as well. Make sure you purchase the clasp and jump ring in the same color as the rest of your bracelet. 

The Parts Of Your Bracelet 

Your beads on your bracelet are strung on either a string, chain or wire. At the end of the beads, there are generally two circular rings, which are called jump rings. Attached to the jump rings is the clasp. 

Work Space

You will want to find a flat, well-lit surface to work on. Your kitchen table or a desk would each make a great work area. You may want to put your bracelet on a tray, so that way if any beads slip off, they will not roll away from you. 

Open The Jump Ring

The first thing you need to do is open up the two jump rings that are on either side of your bracelet. If you look closely at one of the jump rings, you will see that there is a small slit on each ring. You need to take your two pairs of pliers, and attach them to the jump ring. Then, very gently, open up the jump ring. If you plan on reusing the jump ring, don't open it up and stretch it out too much. Repeat with the jump ring on the other side of the bracelet. 

Remove The Old Clasp

Once the jump rings are open on both sides, the two sides of the clasp should easily slide right out of the jump rings. If the jump rings are damaged or old, you'll want to slide them off your bracelet as well as this point.

Attaching The New Jump Rings & Clasp

If the jump rings are damaged, you'll want to slide new jump rings into place where the old ones were on both sides of the bracelet. If the jump rings are in good shape you can leave them in place and attach the new clasp to them.

Take the two parts of the clasp that you purchased, and attach one part of the clasp to the jump ring on the left side of the bracelet and the other side of the clasp to the jump ring on the right side of the bracelet. Once they are in place, use your pliers to close each jump ring on the separate sides of the bracelet. Make sure they are both securely closed; it is better to overlap the sides of the jump rings than it is to leave an open space in between the sides of the ring. If you leave an open space, the clasp could slide off. 

Fixing a damaged clasp on your bracelet only requires a few supplies and a little bit of time. Even if you are a jewelry repair novice, you should be able to make this repair. For further assistance, contact a local labradorite jewelry outlet.