3 Helpful Tips For Storing Rings

Posted on: 25 May 2016

If you like to wear a lot of rings, you probably like matching and mixing things up for a different look. This might mean that you have a lot of rings, which can become cluttered if you don't know how to store them properly. Then, you can end up with a mess on your dresser, and it can be tough to find the ring that you're looking for when you want to wear it. Luckily, these helpful tips can make it easier for you to store your rings.

1. Purchase a Jewelry Tray Organizer

If you've got a little bit of cash to spend, why not invest in a jewelry tray organizer or jewelry tray inserts? They come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to fit right in your drawers. Along with finding jewelry organizers that are designed for your rings, you can also look for organizers that are right for your other jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and more. You can find them online or at stores that sell organizational products.

2. Use Ice Cube Trays

It might not be quite as attractive, but ice cube trays also work quite well for storing rings. You can put one ring in each "cube" slot, or you can arrange them by size so that you know which part to reach into for a ring for a certain finger. Ice cube trays come in different colors, so you may be able to find trays that will suit your decor. For example, during the summer, many mass market retail stores sell plastic plates, ice cube trays and other similar products in bright, summer colors, which might look good on your dresser or vanity. Otherwise, you can tuck them out of sight, inside a drawer. Since they stack easily, you can stack multiple trays on top of one another in a deep drawer.

3. Use a Small Dish

Small, glass dishes can work well for keeping your rings corralled and can look pretty on your dresser or vanity. Consider checking out thrift stores or yard sales to look for small, assorted dishes that can be used for jewelry organization and that won't come with a high price tag.

If you want to keep your rings a bit more well-organized, there are a few ways that you can do so. These are three different tips that you can try for storing your rings. You can even adjust some of them to store other types of jewelry, too, to keep everything neat and organized.