Recent Break-Ups: 3 Black Onyx Items To Help You Heal And Move On

Posted on: 22 July 2016

Gemstones from all over the world can provide you with different types of attributes and features. If you've recently been through a break-up, then you may seek the help of gem stones to help you have some healing power and strength. One of the best options for this is the gemstone black onyx. Known helping to release negative emotions, black onyx is ideal for giving you a balanced emotional state. Instead of just purchasing the stone on its own, you can find it crafted into a number of different Native American jewelry pieces. Browse through these items to see what type of jewelry purchases can help you adapt through the break-up and your newly single life.

Onyx Arrowhead Necklace

During a break-up, you are most likely suffering through a broken heart. If this is the case, then you will want to wear a piece of onyx gemstone that hangs directly over your chest. This can help pull the negative energy away and help you feel better with each day that passes. One way to do this is with an onyx arrowhead necklace. The arrowhead is a symbol of protection and when carved out of the onyx material, it can truly help protect you during vulnerable times. The necklace design can give you the strength that you need to properly heal and get through the transitional stage.

Onyx Animal Pendant

Black onyx gemstones can be shaped and carved into many different things. As Native American jewelry is crafted out of onyx, one of the more common designs to choose from is an animal pendant. Animal pendants are typically worn as necklaces, but they can also be carried in purses, wallets, or pockets to help offer coping through tough times. One of the animals that you can choose for a necklace is a buffalo. A buffalo pendant represents your individuality and is an ideal totem for your single life after a break up. Along with the symbolism of black onyx, a buffalo also represents strength and connection.

Onyx Belt Buckle

As you grow stronger and are ready to move back into the dating pool, you can bring onyx along with you. As you head out for a night of fun, you can stay emotionally balanced by wearing black onyx gemstone on a belt buckle. A custom crafted belt buckle can include a number of Native American designs including symbols or animals. The polished gemstone will be the center of the belt buckle and really stand out around your waist.

Browse through different Native American jewelry shops online, such as Sunface Traders, to view black onyx gemstone products and your different shopping options that are available.