3 Tips For Choosing An Engagement Ring That Your Partner Will Love

Posted on: 6 September 2016

The practice of surprising your loved one with an engagement ring is a little strange, if you think about it. If all goes well, this piece of jewelry is the one thing that your partner will wear every day for the rest of their life – and you're picking it out without consulting them first. If you're going to give the person that you love something that you want them to wear every single day, with all outfits, in all weather, to any venue, then you want to ensure that they really, really like that ring. Take a look at some tips that will help you ensure that you get the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Know Her Style

Chances are pretty good that your partner already has a jewelry collection of some sort. If you've never paid much attention to the jewelry she wears before, now is the time to start. Take a look at her jewelry box the next chance you get, and make a mental note of what pieces she chooses to wear.

Some people will only wear gold or only wear silver, with few exceptions. If your girlfriend has nothing but silver jewelry in her collection, or has gold jewelry but never chooses to wear it, you probably don't want to get her a gold ring – it won't match anything she wears regularly. And if your girlfriend rarely wears any jewelry at all, or only wears small, unobtrusive pieces, like stud earrings or simple pendant necklaces, she may not want a ring that's big, busy, and ornate – it will look out of place with her usual attire and accessories. Being familiar with her personal tastes can make a big difference.

Match the Ring to the Personality

If looking at your loved one's current jewelry collection isn't much help, you can try choosing a ring that suits her personality. A person who values traditions and classics might prefer a traditional diamond solitaire in a classic setting. Someone with a bit of a rebellious streak, who likes turning traditions on their head, might enjoy an East-West ring – a solitaire placed horizontally on the band instead of vertically.

Women who love lace and flowers and all things girly might prefer a ring with an elaborate, decorative setting, whereas a loved one who is very active and outdoorsy might prefer a smaller ring that's securely set in a plain setting that's not likely to snag on anything. Antique lovers may prefer a vintage ring – check out estate sales and antique jewelry sites.

Make Sure it Fits

In addition to fitting her tastes and personality, you want to make sure that the ring actually fits her finger. No one wants to give up an engagement ring to be sized right after they get it, so if you can get the size right the first time, she'll appreciate it. Plus, while some rings can be easily resized, others present a problem. For example, platinum is much harder than gold, and it's more difficult to resize. And if the band is studded with diamonds or intricately designed, it might be impossible to change the size without affecting the look of the ring.

If she has any friends who you can trust with a secret, try asking one of them – they may know her ring size, especially if it's someone who's shared and borrowed jewelry with her. You can also try pressing one of the rings she already has into a piece of clay or bar of soap – then you can take that to the jeweler, who can get a size from the impression. You might also try hitting up a flea market or art show where costume jewelry is being sold – window shop at the jewelry booths and pay attention to the size of the rings she tries on.

If all else fails, consider taking her with you to pick out the ring. It does remove the surprise element, but it also ensures that she'll love the ring. The day of the proposal is only one day out of your lives together; the ring, on the other hand, will be around forever.

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