Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Broken Jewelry Repaired

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Broken jewelry can lay in a jewelry box for decades, remaining unworn and unseen. When it comes time for the jewelry to be admitted into part of your will as something you want to leave behind, do you really want to leave broken jewelry to an heir? It does not seem quite right, does it? Estate jewelry repair services exist for that very reason, as well as for the following reasons. 

Repaired Jewelry Holds Greater Value

Repaired and restored jewelry holds greater value, and therefore adds to the wealth of your estate (if the jewelry is gold, silver, and precious stones and not costume jewelry). Repaired/restored jewelry can be counted among your estate's assets, and you can borrow against the appraised value of your repaired/restored jewelry as well. Additionally, if at any time your heirs find themselves in a tight financial spot, they can use the repaired/restored jewelry to secure a loan, something they would not be able to do if the jewelry were still broken. 

Antique Jewelry Repaired Holds Even Greater Value

Let's say that your father passed a gold Swiss watch to you when he passed away. It has not worked in years, but you have kept it because you know that it has quite the value on it. If it is restored and repaired to working order, this timepiece could be worth tens of thousands of dollars, or (depending on the maker and the rarity of the timepiece) hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is in your best interests, as well as the interests of the heir who will receive this Swiss watch as part of his/her inheritance to fix and restore it. 

Nobody Wants to Inherit Broken Jewelry

Intrinsic or sentimental value is irrelevant when you pass something on down the family line. It is a rare thing to have a child that values the necklace your grandmother wore on her wedding day. It may be more valued if it is not broken, and therefore, more cherished. Nobody likes to inherit anything that is broken, even when the heir has specially requested the item. If your heirs cannot enjoy the things you bequeath to them, they may not want to keep them, and they may not want to keep them in the family. Repairing and restoring the jewelry is not as costly as you might think, and the values restored to the jewelry is worth it. 

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