3 Tips That Will Help Keep Your New Gold Snake Hoop Earrings In Pristine Condition

Posted on: 21 February 2020

Are you looking for ways to keep your brand new gold snake hoop earrings in great shape for years to come? Here are three tips you can use to get the job done:

Make Maintenance a Priority

Maintaining your new gold snake hoop earrings is important if you want them to keep their shine and finish over time. So invest in a few cleaning materials to work with such as a jewelry cloth and some chemical-free jewelry cleaning solution. After wearing your earrings, take the time to thoroughly clean them with your cloth and cleaning solution then let them completely dry before putting them away.

You should also take them out and clean them between uses if you are not wearing them at least once a week throughout the month to get rid of any dust and grime that might be building up. And it is a good idea to store some disinfectant along with your maintenance kit so you can disinfect the earrings before each use to keep your ears healthy. After all if your ears do not stay healthy you will not be able to wear your beautiful earrings.

Invest in a Soft Bag

Keeping your gold hoop snake earrings in good shape as they age means storing them in a safe place where they have limited exposure to both the outdoor and indoor elements. Storing them in a small soft bag before putting it in your jewelry box should effectively protect your new earrings as time goes on, even when you have been slacking with your maintenance efforts.

Choose a bag that can be closed with a zipper, snaps, or a tie to help ensure that dust cannot get into the bag. You can then put the bag inside your jewelry box, in a closet or drawer, or even on your night stand without having to worry about it getting tarnished (if it is less than 24 karat) or dirty.

Visit the Jeweler Once in Awhile

Visiting a jeweler every once in awhile is another important thing you can do to keep your new gold snake hoop earrings looking great throughout the coming years. Your jeweler can do a deep professional cleaning for you and will inspect every part of each earring to make sure that there is not any damage that needs to be repaired. You should leave the jeweler's store with a pair of beautiful gold hoop snake earrings that still look as new as they did on the day that you purchased them.